Social media platforms can cause societal pressures in a variety of ways.

The need to project a flawless image to the world is one typical pressure. A mistaken perception of reality might result from the temptation to only present the best version of ourselves when we have the capacity to edit or modify our online presence.

This can lead to pressure to live up to ideals of success, attractiveness or way of life and can create feelings of inadequacy or unhappiness.

Being genuine and sincere, rather than trying to project a fake or idealised image of oneself, is called being authentic.

It involves being open and genuine with our ideas, emotions, and experiences rather than attempting to project an impeccable public image.

Because it enables true and meaningful connections with others and can support the development of relationships and trust, being real and honest in our online interactions, (some would call it being true to ourselves), is important.

It could also help overcome the pressure to maintain a flawless online persona, which, again, can result in feelings of inadequacy or discontent.

So don’t be afraid to be you… and bare it all!

To your success!
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